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You've stumbled upon a Hogwarts in the year 2006. Voldemort and his followers are growing in strength and numbers, and attacks are growing throughout England. Professors are disappearing; the Ministry of Magic is fumbling. At Hogwarts, students are trying to continue their life as normal, attending classes, joining the Quidditch team, and developing relationships.

All the characters within the RP are completely original, with the exception of Dumbledore and Voldemort. This means there is no Harry Potter, and no one has relations to canon characters. The RP itself is rated PG-13, though, in journals (with appropriate labeling), there can be more highly rated things found, from time to time. Days change twice a week (Monday and Friday at 12:01 am EST), leaving plenty of time to finish a thread, even for those not in North America. All of the RPing is thread based, in one of the four main communities, Hogwarts, Ministry, Atlas or Plotting.

Sub Communities, all a part of np_hogwarts
np_ministry -- The Ministry of Magic || np_atlas -- The outside world || np_chatter -- The OOC community || np_platform -- The application community || np_plotting -- The plotting community

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