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Okay, posting this for a friend... >.>

Does anyone know any random things that happened in US history? Pre-1776, year/name of fact...

If you know any history nerds, link them?

*okay, it can be after 1776, but that stuff's more, like, important atm.

*is lame*


Sep. 6th, 2006 04:06 am (UTC)
Shay's Rebellion (1786-1787)
Daniel P Shays was the leader of a large number of disaffected farmers, upset at the rather unfair (and unrepresented) taxes levied on them to pay for the previous war. He led a very well-trained army against the militia.

They terrorized tax collectors, townsmen and banks for several months before hearing that the national army might be entering the fray (It wasn't, because by the at-the-time laws of the country, the federal government couldn't interfere with intrastate troubles), they decided to raid one of the stockpiles of federal weapons and munitions. They failed.

However, their attempt, their upset, and their trial stirred up enough sentiment and emotion to lead to the Second Constitutional Congress, which made for a more powerful National Government and, eventually, to George Washington's accepting the position of President.

So not only did our War Veterans fight for our rights as citizens to govern ourselves, they even created the US Constitution as it rules our country.