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Okay, posting this for a friend... >.>

Does anyone know any random things that happened in US history? Pre-1776, year/name of fact...

If you know any history nerds, link them?

*okay, it can be after 1776, but that stuff's more, like, important atm.

*is lame*


Sep. 6th, 2006 04:21 am (UTC)

14th Amendment to the Constitution defines a citizen as anyone born in the U.S. (except Native Americans) or naturalized, thereby extending all rights of citizenship to African Americans.
American Missionary Association founds Fisk University, among other black colleges established by this successor of the Amistad incident.

Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination on juries and in public accommodations, except schools.
Blanche Kelso Bruce of Mississippi elected as first black U.S. Senator.

Supreme Court Civil Rights Cases overturns Civil Rights Act and rules that 14th Amendment does not apply to privately owned facilities, including hotels, restaurants, and railroads, leading to segregated “Jim Crow” laws, especially in the South.

As part of his Universal Negro Improvement Association, Marcus Garvey establishes Black Star shipping lineJ.H. Rainey and former sailor and Civil War hero Robert Smalls of South Carolina are among first African Americans elected to U.S. Congress.

First black officers commissioned in U.S. Navy.

Congress passes Civil Rights Act.

Thurgood Marshall appointed as first African-American Supreme Court Justice.

Captain Samuel L. Gravely, Jr., promoted to become first African-American rear admiral in the U.S. Navy.