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To anyone who's lived in res/dorms...

Is there anything that you didn't take with you/think to pack/whatever, that you realized after a while you should have?

I'm working on my list of what to pack/get together, and I don't wanna forget anything so...yeah.


Jul. 17th, 2007 08:10 pm (UTC)
hmm.... well, you seem to be starting decently early, that's a good first step :D

Basically just... look around your surroundings. Anything you use, you're gonna want with you. Listing is very good. So whenever you use something think "oh, yeah, this!" and write it down.

I don't think there was really anything major that I forgot. Hm... oh, a good measuring cup/jug is a definite must. And stuff that is microwave safe. You have no idea how many times I burned through cheap plastic dishes in the microwave... And, a broom/bush and pan. Sure, yur dorm may have some available, but really, checking that kind of thing out is a pain in the ass. The other thing I recommend is: make sure you get long cables. I'm talking like, ethernet, phone cables, cable TV cables. You have no clue where jacks might be in relation to where your stuff might be, and you don't want room layout to be limited by that. Hm... and plastic crates. Always good.
Jul. 17th, 2007 08:20 pm (UTC)
Well, not that early. It's only five weeks or so. XD

Yeah, my list is already like, two pages front and back because I keep doing that.

*nods* Most of the stuff I'm bringing in terms of dishes and shit is plastic, but I'm getting two or three cups/bowls/plates that aren't so at least I can use those in the microwave. Only going for the plastic really because the dollar store has some sexy shit XD And as far as I know, everything's already plugged in and stuff, except the ethernet. Which so totally thanks for reminding me about, because I meant to check into that and forgot.