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To anyone who's lived in res/dorms...

Is there anything that you didn't take with you/think to pack/whatever, that you realized after a while you should have?

I'm working on my list of what to pack/get together, and I don't wanna forget anything so...yeah.


Jul. 18th, 2007 03:04 pm (UTC)
mattress pad! makes a HUGE difference, egg crate or not.

extra blanket. for warmth and unexpected picnics.

comfy shoes, you always have to walk everywhere.

variety of clothes. like if you rush, bring a formal. and maybe a suit/business wear. you just never know.

food stuffs - 'specially breakfast things like fruit cups. pots and pans aren't needed, but at least one sharp knife (and maybe a big spoon). I had a electic kettle thing which was great for tea/ramen/oatmeal. tupperware!

you'll know if you brought too much a few weeks in. take it home ASAP, because leaving at the end of the year is a pain.