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From Twitter 07-16-2009

  • 00:29:16: butterbuns: the dog is going NUTS barking at something outside. WTF.
  • 01:07:35: butterbuns: Ugh, I wish I could figure out who this chick is. Bah.
  • 02:41:55: butterbuns: and the dog is spazzing again. Jaysus, STFU you silly bitch and stop barking at nothing.
  • 12:13:23: butterbuns: I haz applesauce! Which is yay because my teeth are killing me.
  • 12:15:52: butterbuns: RT @feliciaday: RT: @MoTancharoen @drhorrible @feliciaday @nathanfillion @zdubdub We're nominated for an #Emmy! Awesome!
  • 12:31:27: butterbuns: @phiremangston although random!crying was random.
  • 12:37:06: butterbuns: @phiremangston I dunno, I think I just liked it better they way they did it in the books
  • 12:42:13: butterbuns: @phiremangston Yea, true.
  • 12:43:50: butterbuns: @phiremangston Yea, true. I'm really so-so about the movie in general though.
  • 12:52:24: butterbuns: @phiremangston Yeah. I was totally in the "yay movie" camp until about half an hour before the end, haha. Then it became "wtf movie?" camp
  • 12:57:20: butterbuns: @phiremangston Omg, I knowwww. And the scene with the Trio before it! My friend and I were like "WHAT?" when it just jumped to them leaving.
  • 12:57:39: butterbuns: @phiremangston The lady in front of us was not happy. Oops.
  • 13:02:51: butterbuns: @phiremangston Yeah, I mean, couldn't they have left out the stuff that wasn't in the book, left in the characters who were SUPPOSED to be
  • 13:03:01: butterbuns: @phiremangston in certain scenes, and left in the battle?
  • 13:03:44: butterbuns: @phiremangston And as usual, there was like no Tonks. I'm so pissed that they even replaced her in scenes she was supposed to be in.
  • 13:28:09: butterbuns: @phiremangston Yeah, I don't have the burning hatred I used to when I was younger and always like "BUT IT'S NOT LIKE THE BOOOOOOOOOK!"
  • 13:28:33: butterbuns: @phiremangston But Gorramit, I want my Tonks. >.<
  • 13:36:50: butterbuns: @phiremangston Oh man, my hatred for GoF knows no bounds. I actually liked PoA, but GoF? Can DIAF. I spent the entire movie bitching about
  • 13:37:09: butterbuns: @phiremangston how bad it was. My friend was not amused.
  • 13:37:40: butterbuns: @phiremangston Well, I'm glad they fit it in, but like her scene at the beginning that ended up NOT being her? I was so unimpressed.
  • 13:38:49: butterbuns: @phiremangston especially given that the convo between her and Snape is one of my favorite scenes they have together.
  • 13:42:54: butterbuns: @phiremangston Oh god, neither have I. She brings Harry to the school and then Snape makes cracks about her and Remus and whatnot. (Unless
  • 13:43:13: butterbuns: @phiremangston I'm remembering fanfic, which is slightly possible. >.>)
  • 13:52:08: butterbuns: @phiremangston Haha, yeah I wikied it to check. I can see why, but it just drives me nuts, especially since they all but cut her from OOtP
  • 13:53:04: butterbuns: @phiremangston Omg, yes. And all the stuff with the Muggle PM and Fudge. I hate that they took out the stuff with the Gaunts and Bill
  • 13:55:29: butterbuns: @phiremangston Yep. Part of me wants someone to remake the movies and actually follow the books properly XD Make each one 2 movies
  • 13:55:59: butterbuns: @phiremangston if they have to XD Kidding, but honestly, I think 4/5/6/7 all should have been 2 or just really long considering the books
  • 14:00:52: butterbuns: @phiremangston Eeee! Yay! Oohh, I just checked to see if Natalie Tena's in DH, and apparently she is, now it's just a matter of is it
  • 14:01:06: butterbuns: @phiremangston three minutes or five XD
  • 14:01:41: butterbuns: @phiremangston Yeah, me too. If they had done it in only one movie, I think I might have refused to go see it because it would be SOBAD.
  • 14:02:58: butterbuns: @phiremangston Although according to IMDB half the cast is still only rumored. Including NT and Chris Rankin. Bahhh. Curse you film industry
  • 14:04:51: butterbuns: @phiremangston yeah, I'm unimpressed with the feeling of "if they're not the Trio + Lav + Ginny they aren't important, Cut them!"
  • 14:05:38: butterbuns: Urgh, helping my mom with her schedule is painful. It will be painful until she understands the concept of Copy/Paste. Gah. Shoot me.
  • 14:10:32: butterbuns: @phiremangston If there is no NT, I will get stabby
  • 14:11:13: butterbuns: @phiremangston Haha, every time Lav was on screen me and my friend were just like "Oh god." "Not again" so on and so forth. I like that they
  • 14:11:33: butterbuns: @phiremangston actually left her in, but WTF why make her such a *massive* plot point?
  • 14:14:31: butterbuns: @phiremangston Really? Is there even a part of the book he's back in, or am I just totally spacing and can't remember it?
  • 14:20:09: butterbuns: @phiremangston Oh shit, right. Haha, I haven't read the book in like a year.
  • 15:08:51: butterbuns: @phiremangston haha, nice. I really should re-read the books one of these days.
  • 15:09:56: butterbuns: OOOH. Torchwood commercial on Space! Oh snap, CoE starts Monday. Woo.
  • 15:48:45: butterbuns: woah lightning.
  • 15:55:25: butterbuns: Woah. WOAH, torrential downpour. Thank god, maybe the damn humidity will fuck off now.
  • 16:26:00: butterbuns: Is anyone else having a problem with LJ? It won't load for me at all.
  • 21:41:36: butterbuns: I like that ABC now has it's own version of Dragon's Den....WITH two of the Dragons on it. Fail.
  • 21:53:52: butterbuns: Oooh, Flashforward looks awesome
  • 22:16:02: butterbuns: RT @cleolinda: RT @leaky: Heyman on Length of Battle of Hogwarts for Deathly Hallows: Probably Be 30 Minutes http://bit.ly/3UOOB

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