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From Twitter 07-19-2009

  • 02:43:50: butterbuns: Fuck. You. Fire. Fox. Stop. Resetting. Everything.
  • 12:09:06: butterbuns: RT: @leaky: Hot Topic Contest to Visit Set of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows http://bit.ly/Hu6ic
  • 12:21:28: butterbuns: Wow. No one posts to LJ Saturday night/Sunday morning. Fail.
  • 12:40:09: butterbuns: @hope_guides_me haha, no XD I get sad when I only have to go back skip=20 ater 8 hours. :P
  • 12:58:26: butterbuns: @hope_guides_me Yeah. Normally takes me an hour to read. At least. Today it was like 15 minutes.
  • 13:40:22: butterbuns: RT: @leaky: AP on World Wide Total to date for Half-Blood Prince: $396.7 Million http://bit.ly/7Mll5
  • 18:47:09: butterbuns: RT: @BreakingNews: Frank McCourt, the author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning "Angela's Ashes," has died in New York. He was 78.
  • 21:26:34: butterbuns: Re: America's Got Talent; I'm sorry, did Piers Morgan just say that Guys and Dolls is one of the uncoolest things ever?
  • 21:46:47: butterbuns: Gh, I keep thinking about getting contacts but it seems like such a PITA

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  • (no subject)

    i fuking hate expeirment fans. they dunno how to have fun. fukheads. espesially the stupid mods. fukit.

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  • (no subject)

    That time of year again!

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