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It's a cold, dark night in New York City. The ground is wet from the evening rain, but the sky is now cloudless. You walk along the sidewalk, pulling your coat more tightly against your arms to protect from the sharp wind that's blowing. You hurry past a pack of homeless men, smoking cigarettes and downing bottles of beer in the alley.

A few blocks more and you hit your first patch of prostitutes. They eye you from the street corner even as you avoid their gazes. There's sex and sin on their skins and you bypass them as fast as you can.

But this is New York City. You know that there are lowlifes everywhere and if you've missed poverty and sex, there's death and greed waiting just around the corner.

You can hear the sounds of Manhattan beginning to covalesce around you and soon you see all of Manhattan spilling out every which way. It's been a long walk from where the taxi dropped you off, but you live in Brooklyn, not Manhattan, and you can only afford so much for a night of fun.

It hasn't been so bad, anyway, and you adjust your clothes as you spy the night club ahead of you. This is what you've been waiting for all week.

As you enter the club, you hear the last refrain of a familiar song.

So just lay your head down low, and don't let anybody know
That it's hard to live, yes it's hard to live in

The City.

Inside the club, everyone's waiting.
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