¤~*Ice Queen*~¤ (butterbuns) wrote,
¤~*Ice Queen*~¤

From Twitter 07-21-2009

  • 00:48:20: butterbuns: UGh, Aim, Stop being a whore and let me back into DoC.
  • 01:22:55: butterbuns: Oh snap, spicy cheese is REALLY FREAKING HOT. Holy crap.
  • 02:58:16: butterbuns: RT @krftd When the sun don't shine | Krftd, Arbiter of Style and Ideas http://tinyurl.com/cv8mb8
  • 03:05:46: butterbuns: Awww! Little!Scarlett Pomers! So cute! I <3 Voyager.
  • 12:23:26: butterbuns: Urgh. Twitterfox is still fucked. This bloooows.
  • 22:19:46: butterbuns: twitterfox is fixed yay!
  • 23:14:17: butterbuns: "Are you going back to Mexico?" God, I love NCIS.
  • 23:28:05: butterbuns: "Ziva's on Facebook?" #NCIS
  • 23:28:48: butterbuns: HAHAHA. "Tell Ziva I'll poke her." #NCIS

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  • (no subject)

    i fuking hate expeirment fans. they dunno how to have fun. fukheads. espesially the stupid mods. fukit.

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  • (no subject)

    That time of year again!

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