¤~*Ice Queen*~¤ (butterbuns) wrote,
¤~*Ice Queen*~¤

From Twitter 07-25-2009

  • 02:12:43: butterbuns: UGHHH, I wanna go to fan expo!
  • 16:05:36: butterbuns: HAHA, 20 Greatest Celebreality Fights. Adrienne Curry: "I'M NOT A LESBIAN!" Chris Knight "I want a seperation"
  • 16:11:05: butterbuns: HAHA, "There's no cocaine fairy that comes around and puts cocaine in your pocket!" #TV
  • 16:29:20: butterbuns: Oh man, I forgot about I Know My Kid's A Star. That show was insane.
  • 16:41:34: butterbuns: God, so many of these fight are from Surreal Life. this is awesome.
  • 22:03:10: butterbuns: @Dallirious Iran?
  • 22:16:14: butterbuns: @Dallirious I take it you haven't watched any of the news about it then.

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