¤~*Ice Queen*~¤ (butterbuns) wrote,
¤~*Ice Queen*~¤

From Twitter 08-06-2009

  • 06:34:06: butterbuns: My Daily Twittascope - Restless emotions could raise your anxiety level today, but they might also be accompanied b... http://bit.ly/mrA9a
  • 16:55:01: butterbuns: RT: @BreakingNews: ABC News: Director John Hughes died of a heart attack while taking a morning walk during a trip to Manhattan.
  • 18:28:53: butterbuns: @cryptictac I'm not having issues, but a ton of other people seem to be.
  • 18:45:23: butterbuns: @cryptictac What's driving me nuts is not getting any notifs at all.
  • 19:43:59: butterbuns: @cryptictac DDOS attack this morning. Twitter, FB and I think a couple other sites got hit too
  • 19:55:23: butterbuns: Hly crap, I just got an LJ notif. Shocking.
  • 23:41:36: butterbuns: @phiremangston Haha, why's that?

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