¤~*Ice Queen*~¤ (butterbuns) wrote,
¤~*Ice Queen*~¤

From Twitter 08-11-2009

  • 02:54:53: butterbuns: I need to sleep. But I feel that I should have a room where a person can actually walk, JIC maintenance shows up today. (Pfft yeah right)
  • 12:47:43: butterbuns: O.o so my phone is fucked. It won't hold a charge for more than a day. But my bed's getting fixed. Yay. Hm.
  • 12:56:43: butterbuns: @andthemonster ...IHU. *jealous*
  • 13:09:47: butterbuns: @cryptictac Haha, nice. Since she hasn't updated in what, like a year? Yay for a lack of crazy. (And I totally never saw that message >.<)
  • 15:34:31: butterbuns: Ugh, so tired. And now my touchpad is being a whorebag. >.< Fail, life. Fail.
  • 17:51:58: butterbuns: Hmm. My ceiling just started leaking, and then stopped after like 10 seconds. Wtf.
  • 18:29:34: butterbuns: I feel really bad for people who go and follow like 400 people they don't even know. It's so weird.
  • 18:32:17: butterbuns: @cryptictac ugh, why can't she just go inactive too? Although all that batshit still makes me laugh. I don't think it ever won't.
  • 19:27:42: butterbuns: @amazonqueenkate Yes! So much.
  • 19:31:36: butterbuns: it kind of smells like somethings burnt/burning/overheating, but I'm smelling it in such random places, so IDK
  • 23:41:13: butterbuns: Sweeet, just found my fingerless lace gloves.

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  • (no subject)

    i fuking hate expeirment fans. they dunno how to have fun. fukheads. espesially the stupid mods. fukit.

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    That time of year again!

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