¤~*Ice Queen*~¤ (butterbuns) wrote,
¤~*Ice Queen*~¤

From Twitter 08-24-2009

  • 00:08:10: Gd, I LOVE the episode of criminal minds that's on A&E rite now. Chris Bauer, Susan Gibney and Jeff Kober FTMFW
  • 01:26:35: Have been DLing Psychonauts from Steam for almost 12 hours. At 90%. If it keeps crashing again this time, I will freak.
  • 07:01:16: You may be able to postpone a necessary confrontation for a da... More for Capricorn http://bit.ly/mrA9a
  • 21:01:45: Guys, I wanna go to Pigfarts. It's on Maaaaarrrs!
  • 21:06:22: @livefr0mnewy0rk I am saddened that no one's made me watch this before. Or Mythbusters. >:(

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