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In Cardiff

If you've ever seen Doctor Who and/or Torchwood, you might know that Cardiff is a bit of an interesting place. We're not here to re-hash Whoniverse canon, we're not here to fight aliens, we're here to live... In Cardiff, where anything and anyone can turn up.

The thing about Cardiff - it's built on a rift in time and space.

incardiff is a panfandom, LJ-based roleplaying community which accepts characters from any and call canons, set in present day Cardiff. It is intended to be a low-intensity, high-quality game, with a minimum of fuss and drama. There are no scheduled, game-wide events, or contrived mod-plots-- just characters living, working, and interacting within the city.

The city in-game is a semi-realistic representation of the real-life Cardiff... With some inclusions from Doctor Who canon-- such as the Rift. As per the canon, Cardiff is situated on a "Rift"-- a fictional tear in space and time, one end of which is located in Cardiff Bay, Wales, with the other end floating freely through space-time. Matter and radiation can pass through the Rift, allowing extraterrestrial and extratemporal artifacts, and occasionally life-forms, to "wash up" in Cardiff.

It is described as being 'a gateway for alien creatures, weapons, technology and time anomalies to enter our world'. This means any character from any canon could conceivably arrive in-game, and it provides an interesting backdrop for an RP, since characters can find, interact with, or experience almost anything they choose.

Have a fantastic life.
Compressed information.

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