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LJ Idol - Week 1 - Am I Crazy?

When I first read this weeks topic, I have to admit, I started laughing and thought that it was going to be an easy topic to write about. Of course I'm crazy, anyone who knows me would probably have the same reaction I did, if I were to ask them that question. Of course, after sitting down to think about it for more than thirty seconds, I realized my flippant answer wasn't really indicative of how I actually felt about it. The word crazy.

I've actually heard it quite a bit lately from my World of Warcraft guildies. Doing a ridiculous amount of work to gear up numerous toons and work on legendary quests with all of them is apparently an insane act. I just see it as part of the game, and enjoy the hell out of it.

My coworkers use the phrase about my love of working afternoons, weekends. I don't have much of a so-called life, so why not work weekends and afternoons, a time most people would rather not be at work? It works well, I get to sleep late, and I don't have to worry about making up excuses to not go out with people, work's a perfect built in excuse.

Sometimes I feel the word crazy gets thrown around far too often, don't we all do things that other people think are completely ridiculous, and way out of our comfort zone?

But I guess to answer the question, sure, I'm a complete wacko. I find utter joy in dressing ridiculously sometimes, in talking to my animals as though they can answer me back, in pinching people and yelling "pinch pinch, I pinch you, I want to pinch you."

I rarely censor myself and I have terrible impulse control, so I suppose to a lot of people I do seem crazy, but really? I'm just doing things that make me feel good, or amuse me.

It's something I'm just learning how to do, to stop focusing on doing what other people will like, and what will make them happy.

So dammit, if I feel like dressing as a pirate wench to go to Wal-mart I will, and I'll have a goddamn blast doing it, and I don't think that's so crazy.

...then again, I am partaking in another season of Idol, so who knows!

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